OCTOBER 18th @ 6PM


Please join us

October 18th  at 6:00 pm

for Center for Design Innovation’s 2017 presentation and discussion series


Farm 2Learn:

Leaders in place-based learning share stories from farms that cultivate Inquiry, Innovation, and Healthy Food


Katherine Gill

Landscape Architect and Outdoor Learning Designer and Hub Farm Project Director Katherine Gill will share experiences from her work with Durham County’s unique platform for project-based outdoor learning.  Durham County School System has created a immersive learning center that includes food production gardens, rain gardens, pollinator gardens, beehives, a floating lab, ecological study areas of forest, ponds, wetland and streams, as well as a robust network of collaborators and partners to keep it buzzing



Mohsen Mikhail

Mohsen Mikhail led nine programs in planting and farming at the 50 acre farm at Abu Qurqas Secondary school in Egypt. Mohsen will explain the nine programs, and how students participated in hands-on and classroom work. Anyone interested in innovative education design, sustainable farming, environmental stewardship, healthy local food systems, academic achievement,  and career development will want to learn about these programs and engage in conversation with the creative designer and Agricultural leader behind the sites and concept.




3rd Wednesdays @ 6:00 PM

Creative thinkers in our community share work along the spectrum of ART|SCIENCE|TECHNOLOGY|DESIGN|INNOVATION.  Experience a new research program, technology, artwork-in-progress, design project, or other opportunity to immerse yourself in a new concept led by innovative thinkers in our community.

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