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Creative thinkers in our community share work along the spectrum of ART|SCIENCE|TECHNOLOGY|DESIGN|INNOVATION.  Experience a new research program, technology, artwork-in-progress, design project, or other opportunity to immerse yourself in a new concept led by innovative thinkers in our community.

Please join us September 20th at 6:00 pm for the first of Center for Design Innovation’s 2017 presentation and discussion series IDEAexchange

Respond|React: The measure of knowledge is the circumference of your activity


James Pope, Director of Africana Studies at WSSU, uses collaborative, multimedia radio production as a tool for research, knowledge development, and learning in the classroom, local, and world community. He has developed Africa World Now Project, an educational multimedia platform that builds and follows an active agenda to map continuities in the history, politics, and culture of the African world.

Its expressed purpose is reconnecting the African world with its known and forgotten parts. (re)Introducing the world to Africa’s ancient future.

AwNP RaDiO as “your classroom on the radio with beats.”

Come experience the ways that James Pope and his students engage in non-traditional discussions with scholars, artists, journalist, activist, social justice engineers to examine the world we live in.


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