October 4th @ 6PM


1st Wednesdays


The Maker approach develops experimentation, engagement and agency over learning, teaches the process of design through play and exploration, and creates a climate of invention and iteration. We’re excited to offer the community the opportunity to explore our new labs, growing in capacities, as CDI prototypes experiences in active learning to cultivate creative, flexible habits of mind in learners of all ages.


This fall, Center for Design Innovation will host MAKEnight the first Wednesday of each month, a chance for students, faculty, and members of the community to dive into immersive, hands-on learning on a particular theme. Each evening will offer different opportunities to participate, clean (high tech) and dirty (tools!), easy and difficult, rapid and immersive.


The second evening focuses on PAPER, our 2000-year old medium for conveying ideas, making art, wrapping precious objects, ….. On paper night, we’ll explore many ways to put paper to work as a tool for problem solving, invention, and expression. Come join immersions in paper-making, phyllo dough cooking, origami and calculus, paper plane contests, origami jumping contests, and more. We’ll explore ways that we can improve our reuse and recycling of this ancient invention.


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