Creative Technologist / Director / NYU Professor.

Specializes in VR Design and Tech, Motion Capture, Live 3D Game Engines, Computer Programming.

Well known in academia for his multimedia theory and research.




Matt Romein is an artist and performer working at the intersection of live performance, generative computer art, and multi-media installation. Originally trained as an actor, he has worked in NYC’s downtown theater and dance community as a sound and video designer while also making his own technology-centric live performances.

He attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts ITP, a graduate program focusing on experimental and artistic uses of technology. He now teaches there as an adjunct professor with classes focused on live video performance and the usage of avatars in an artistic practice.

His current artistic research explores how the physical body is represented in digital spaces and how those bodies can be manipulated in evocative and unsettling ways in order to challenge ideas of identity, autonomy, and ethics.





I design digital experiences and analyze how people interact with technology. I have a background in interaction design, journalism, and the visual arts, all of which foster my understanding of how to tell stories in new mediums. I’ve worked with a variety of organizations, from creative agencies, Fortune 100 companies, to small shops and research facilities.


My latest focus has been on virtual reality projects & immersive experiences. I provide experience design consultancy to help clients impart thought and meaning into their VR initiatives.


I’m a regular speaker at meetups, festivals, and conferences on topics relating to emerging tech and I try to take an active part in its community of makers. Sometimes I teach workshops and seminars about digital storytelling.


Some past projects include educational apps for kids with autism, service design for the medical cannabis community, and robust B2B enterprise software.


Micha Cárdenas is an Assistant Professor of Art & Design: Games and Playable Media at the University of California Santa Cruz. Cárdenas is an artist and theorist who works with the algorithms and poetics of trans people of color in digital media.


Beijing-based artist Feng Mengbo has created Q4U, a customized version of Quake III, the popular internet game whose plot is simply kill or be killed. The dynamic audio-visual of contemporary videogames is magnified as Q4U is projected over three large screens (10 feet by 13 feet) each featuring a different point of view.


Avatar artist and curator




Goodbye Uncanny Valley

Light Harvest Studio/ Lightart.tv – Projection Mapping

Shoulders of The Past

Micha Cardenas – Becoming Dragon

Fengo Mengbo – Q4U

Childish Gambino – Pharos

Dia de Los Holos

Laban Movement Analysis

2018 Burning Man IAMAI

The Truth Shall Set You Free – Video Mapped Dance Theater

Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes – Turning Human Motion-Capture Into Realistic Apes

Facial Motion Capture with Faceware

Facial Motion Capture with iPhone

Volumetric Video Intro

Faceshift – Markerless Motion Capture



Daz Studio – Free 3D Suite; Model, Render, Animate

Autodesk Recap Pro – Reality Capture & 3D Scanning Software

ItSeez3D – Mobile 3d Scanner App for iPad

Wrap 3 – Russian 3D Scanner

Oculus Rift – Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Quest – All-in-one virtual reality gaming system

ItSeez3D – Mobile 3d Scanner App for iPad

Unreal Engine

Vicon Shogun – VFX Motion Capture

FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanner

FARO Scene –  FARO’s 3D Documentation Software for terrestrial and handheld Scanners

Projection Mapping Software Options

Max MSP Software

Depthkit – Depthkit is the next-generation creative toolset for Volumetric Filmmaking

Notch Motion Tracking – 3D Motion Capture on Smartphone

Opti Track Motion Capture System

Vicon Motion Capture System

Tilt Brush by Google

Adobe Fuse

Make Human Software – Open Source For Making 3D Character

Mixamo – Animated 3D Characters

FBX File Format

Motion Builder Software

Maya Software


Reality Capture

Mad Mapper – Projection Mapping Software

Spout Protocol Plugin For Unreal

Resolume Projection

Isadora Software

Mad Mapper – Projection Mapping Software

Spout Protocol Plugin For Unreal


Lumina Festival of The Arts – UNC Wilmington

EyeBeam – Eyebeam is a platform for artists to engage society’s relationship with technology

Open Sound Control

Microsoft Connect

New Frontier Lab

Chika Artist Mapping Workshops

Lil Miquela Instagram Account