STEPn2 Abigail Yager's Class

December 13 @ 12PM

Balancing Acts:

A Negotiation Between Freedom and Form




Wednesday, December 13th at noon, Come step into the experience of Abby Yager’s contemporary dance studio, learn about, discuss, and think with us about her approach to teaching and learning. Abby relies on the body as textbook, and on diverse, metaphor-rich discussion as route to understanding. Through detailed imagery and vivid examples, Professor Yager will help us see how the study of dance builds understanding of the world, and how the tools of composition translate across disciplines. Valuable for all interested in the arts, teaching, learning and communication. Bring a brown bag lunch and join discussion with diverse thinkers and Abigail Yager, UNCSA School of Dance, as part of our Teaching Engagement Series STEPn2 this class.



A member of the UNCSA faculty since 2012, Abigail teaches her students to practice with a beginner’s mind, insatiable curiosity, and playful drive; move with silken fluidity and meticulous specificity; activate the space with a grounded and resonant presence; know and believe in themselves and trust in the power of simplicity.



Informed by the choreographic work of Trisha Brown and drawing on various practices including the Alexander Technique, Yoga, Qi Gong and Klein Technique, Abigail Yager’s classes integrate somatic modalities as essential building blocks of contemporary dance technique with emphasis placed on the study of weight and gravity; the balance between freedom and form, and the cultivation of fluid, precise dancing.



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