STEPn2: Rosa Otero's Design Studio

Wednesday JAN 10th @ NOON

Barcelona vs Bibendum

Which chair would you prefer?
















Wednesday, January 10th at noon, come step into the experience of Dr. Rosa Otero’s design studio, to learn about, discuss, and think with us about her approach to teaching and learning. In this class, Dr. Otero draws on the Secret Salem Chairs series, and we will learn about two iconic chairs designed by two influential architects of the 1920s at a time when primarily male architects dominated the design world- the Barcelona Chair designed by Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe and the Bibendum Chair by Eileen Gray. Rosa shows how understanding of design builds understanding of the world. Valuable for all interested in architecture, design, history, teaching, and learning. Bring a brown bag lunch and join discussion with diverse thinkers and Rosa Otero, Salem College Associate Professor of Design and Chair of the Department of Art, Art History and Design, as part of our Teaching Engagement Series STEPn2 This Class.

About Rosa Otero:

Her passion is design of the twentieth century, most especially mid-century architecture. Her dissertation focused on Henry Klumb, a German architect and a student of Frank Lloyd Wright who practiced in Puerto Rico from 1944 to the early 1980s. From his work, she developed a system to classify walls according to their permeability. This system looks at the relationship created between interior and exterior space as a means to explain how architects develop solutions that connect their buildings to a specific location. She has presented this research on several occasions, including an appearance on a TV show in Puerto Rico entitled “Prohibido Olvidar.”

Address: 450 Design Ave

Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Phone: 336.750.8400

Business Hours: 8a-5p M-F

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