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STEPn2 This Class: Stephanie Dance-Barnes

March 14th @ 12PM

Wednesday, March 14th at noon, come step into the experience of Stephanie Dance-Barnes’ biology discovery lab, to learn about, discuss, and think with us about her approach to teaching and learning.

Using the Daphnia or “Water-Flea” as an example of a model for hands-on experiments, this session will introduce participants to a course re-design at WSSU. Participants will get to try their hands at microscopy activities from the new Investigation & Research course (BIO 2277), which provides a major starting point in the scaffolded integration of the high impact practice of undergraduate research across the biology curriculum. Discover innovations used in scaling up this course from one that was traditionally taught in a more one-on-one faculty-student format to a larger lab setting.

Valuable for all interested in the arts, teaching, learning and communication. Bring a brown bag lunch and join discussion with diverse thinkers and Stephanie Dance-Barnes, WSSU Biological Sciences, as part of our Teaching Engagement Series STEPn2 this class.

Dr. Dance-Barnes is presently an Associate Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology in the Department of Biological Sciences at Winston-Salem State University (WSSU). Since being at WSSU she has been awarded numerous professional and teaching awards for her innovative strategies in the classroom, as well as serving as the Department of Life Sciences Biology Co-coordinator, facilitator of numerous project strengthening activities, the University’s General Education Information Literacy Co-Chair, and an active member of the STEM board.

Dr. Stephanie Dance-Barnes received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/Pre-Medicine at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) in 1997. She completed her Masters in Biology at North Carolina Agricultural Technical State University in 2001, while simultaneously working as a senior research laboratory technician/manager in the Departments of Comparative Medicine and Cancer Biology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. She later in 2007 became the first African American female to receive her PhD from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in the area of Cancer Biology and Toxicology.