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Join us Wednesday March 7th for construction of tall and short tales at the second of this Spring’s MAKER series: STORYnight. A hands-on and brains-on evening that offers diverse ways into learning about building and playing with narrative. Most workshops target participants over 12 and older, but there will be opportunities for younger storymakers.

This event is free and open to the public, but space is limited.



Available Workshops

SMALL BOX STORIES with John Bowers and Becca Drew
How can you tell a story with shadows and light? Explore lighting design and small world storytelling with artists from Peppercorn Theatre at Kaleideum. Makers will create a scenic model for their own story out of paper and bring it to life with lights.


ONE FRAME FILM with Cinematography Professor John Le Blanc
Cinematography Professor John Le Blanc will teach students how to see mindfully through their image capturing device with the goal of filling one still frame with enough provocative content to tell a complete story. The objective is to hold the viewer’s attention as they look deeply into that single frame experiencing the story that the student has presented to them. The length of time that the student’s frame holds the attention of the viewer is the length of the “film.”


MONOLOGUE TO VIDEOLOGUE with Nathan Ross Freeman
Authoring Action’s Nathan Ross Freeman presents “Just Us” a Filmmaker Process: Adapt a poem or monologue into a Film Script Shot List:  Locations, Shots, Angles (a type of narrative story boarding).  Given a prompt and an Authoring Action creative writing exercise, participants will be given 3-5 minutes to write a stream of consciousness poem or monologue then adapt and share.


WHAT’s IN A NAME with UNCSA Professor Joseph Mills
Margaret Mitchell considered naming her story “Tomorrow Is Another Day” or “Tote the Weary Load.” Joseph Heller submitted “Catch-18” to his publisher. None of these phrases has entered popular culture; instead we have “Gone with the Wind” and “Catch-22.” Titles are not simply handy ways to catalogue works; they can be a crucial element for understanding and interpreting a work. In this workshop, you’ll come up with various titles for a piece that you will bring.


FINDING AND TELLING YOUR STORY with Laura Hart McKinney and David Petty
The first half of this session will explore the process of finding your personal story, and the second half will emphasize telling your story. Open to any adult who wants to learn to craft and tell a story, or do it better than they already can. The focus will be on verbal storytelling.