Ron Moats

Industrial Designer

Twenty-five years’ experience in the custom design and fabrication industry brought Ron Moats back to education for many reasons. Working in the automotive industry, a never ending thread of licenses, certifications and professional development led him to the realization that education isn’t a means to a destination, rather a fuel to continue a journey. His love for all things mechanical has afforded him great opportunities in teaching at Atkins Academic & Technology High School. Whether it is his alternative-fuel diesel-powered go-kart team, his Shell Eco-marathon electric vehicle challenge, the schools TARC (Team America Rocketry Challenge) rocket team or their League of Legends club all these challenges give teaching a wonderfully different perspective. Every day offers new challenges and new opportunities to blend design with data with engineering and that is the greatest part of teaching for someone whose heart has been branded by design.

Equally passionate about the broader role of education, Ron sees the Center for Design and Innovation as an educational asset for all of Winston-Salem. A foundational resource for mentorship and assistance in all aspects of 3D design and rapid prototyping. A place where all levels of education can come together and make things happen for students of all ages as well as members of the community. It is all about having a safe space to create and share ideas with others who have similar interests. Ron offers this safe haven in his classroom as well.

Moats has achieved a degree in Diesel Technologies from Ohio Technical College in Cleveland Ohio. He received his B.S. in Technology Education as well as his M.S. Ed in Technology Education from the State University of New York.  He received his Project Lead the Way certifications in Engineering and Design from RIT, Rochester Institute of Technology. He received his Project Lead the Way Civil Engineering and Architecture, and Principles of Engineering certifications from DUKE University.