Dr. Russell M. Smith is a Professor of Geography in the Department of History, Politics & Social Justice and the Faculty Lead for the newly established Spatial Justice Studio at the Center for Design Innovation (SJS @ CDI). He received his doctoral degree in Geography from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His research interests include a variety of topics related to spatial justice including: local government boundary change (e.g. annexation and incorporation) and a variety of urban planning issues including urban sustainability. Dr. Smith is the author of numerous research publications (19), contracted reports, and presentations. Most recently, Dr. Smith has published a book titled, Municipal Incorporation Activity in the United States: Patterns, People and Procedures. Prior to joining Winston-Salem State University, Dr. Smith was an AICP certified urban planner for a variety of local governments where he specialized in land use planning and urban redevelopment.

Dr. Smith has made a concerted effort and had been committed to supporting a variety of projects, programs and initiatives aimed at addressing spatial justice issues on campus and in our community through his service work. He has served as the Chair for the Alliance for Sustainable Communities within the Department of History, Politics and Social Justice, had classes participate in the development of a strategic plan for the Waughtown neighborhood and currently serves as the Vice President of the S.G. Atkins Community Development Corporation. Dr. Smith also has served his academic profession by regularly attending academic conferences and serving as the Vice President of the North Carolina Geographical Society (NCGS).