Mapping Prejudice in Forsyth County

Understand and Share the History

Understanding the history of systemic racism and racial inequalities is a first step toward repairing the damages done by these practices. Collecting and reviewing deeds issued in Forsyth County will allow for a greater understanding for how covenants effected people and neighborhoods. By researching and teaching this history and protecting it from suppression and revisionist tendencies, Forsyth County can begin to move toward meaningful change.

Give a Voice to Those Affected

Through neighborhood and community member engagement, Mapping Prejudice in Forsyth County is working to provide context and greater understanding to the implications of these historic racist practices. This project seeks to provide a safe space for people and communities to share their stories, which will provide a more detailed picture of the causes and implications of these practices.

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in Mapping Prejudice Forsyth County. A project of this magnitude and with these goals will require people to share their time, experiences, and expertise. Resource building and sharing will be instrumental parts in getting the initial research to a broader audience.

Facilitate Change

Change is needed on all levels from K-12 education, research done at higher educational institutions, local and state government, to community organizing and advocay. There are no simple solutions to the issues that have arisen due to racial housing practices. Through sharing resources, research, education, and discussion, there can be a greater push for progress.

Listen to the Full Interview on WFDD 88.5

May 10, 2024 — WFDD’s DJ Simmons speaks with Winston-Salem State University professor and Spatial Justice Studio founder Russell Smith about the effort.