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Spatial Justice

Spatial Justice Design Innovation

Upcoming Events


April 11, 2019

Book Talk
by Betsy Herbin-Triant, 
author of

Threatening Property:

Race: Class, and Campaigns to Legislate Jim Crow Neighborhoods

7pm – 9pm

634 West 4th Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

April 12, 2019

Spatial Justice In Winston-Salem:
Past, Present & Future

9am – 4pm

The Enterprise Center
1922 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27107


About the Spatial Justice Studio

Mission:  The Spatial Justice Studio (SJS) seeks to establish and sustain interinstitutional, interdisciplinary, and inter-sectoral programs that bring faculty, students and the community together across disciplines into diverse experiences to develop meaningful solutions to issues related to spatial (in)justice.  The SJS will explore alternative possibilities for urban areas and ways of achieving more equitable urban futures through active research agendas, engaged teaching practices and community based participatory research which will lead to the creation/regeneration of equitable, functional and sustainable communities for all.

Areas of Interest:  

  • Uneven distribution of resources, uneven development
  • just sustainability, – sustainability for whom?
  • urban form – spatial planning, gated communities, gentrification
  • urban resiliency – climate change, urban heat islands,
  • environmental justice – LULUs, Air/Water Pollution,
  • smart cities –
  • food deserts –
  • education –
  • local government boundary change – annexation, incorporation, municipal underbounding
  • Politics: gerrymandering, electoral redistricting, apartheid, colonization
  • access to healthcare, vices (i.e. alcohol, convenient stores, etc.) ,
  • transportation (i.e. new highways, bus routes),
  • spatial mismatch hypothesis (jobs) etc.